The Joy of Text

Technology wise, I think I’m about as clued up as most people. I like my gadgets and I can generally get them to behave when they inevitably become temperamental. (My work laptop started playing silly buggers yesterday, claiming that its security log was all full up, or some such, when I tried to log on and that only an administrator could put it right. Rebooting didn’t help, so I used the Mac technique of firing it up hitting the control and alt key throughout the process. Don’t ask me why, but it worked and pretty damned pleased with myself I was too.)

The point of this is that despite being binary bilingual in PCs and Macs etc, the one piece of technology that has completely passed me by is texting. I’m starting to get the hang of it now though, as it’s one of the few ways I know of being able to communicate with my daughter.

Isn’t it laborious? It makes knocking out emails on my Blackberry look lightning fast. Also, I’m not keen on all this code for perfectly good words. In fact, I rly 8 it!

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