Postal Postscript

As a follow on from my previous stuff about postal voting, the replacement forms turned up today. Along with a two page — TWO PAGE — explanation about how to use them.

This wordy thing was full of useful advice, such as on the white slip for the European Parliament that said, “This form is white,”; and the grey local election form that told me, “This form is grey.”

Number 6 instruction told me that the ballot papers be placed in “envelope Marked A”, and that, “the barcode on any one of them show through the window.” Then you have to complete the “I know this person,” form which has to be placed separately in envelope B.

But nothing fits in envelope A or B. Try it. Take an A5 envelope and try to slip it another. It just don’t work. Nor do the voting slips.

Easy, peasey, lemon-squeezy? No!

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