The condemned man is traditionally given a free choice for their last meal. Hopefully I’ll never be in that position — although the way the motoring laws are going, you can never tell — but if I were, it would have to be a barbecue.

I don’t know why the British should be so obsessed with cooking al fresco since it is something we discovered relatively recently, or why we should do so even when the sky is grey, but you can’t beat a nicely grilled steak, some Jersey Royals, tomato, basil and Feta salad, with one or two tomato and herb sausages on the side.

Best buy of the summer so far is the pictured Ompagrill which must be the best barbie I’ve ever had. Stainless steel, so it doesn’t rust; easy to light; easy to clean; and cooks to perfection. End of commercial break.

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