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With the elections coming up, I figured I’d find out where I was on the political map by whizzing over to Political Compass, an online test that works out where you stand — left or right, authoritarian or libertarian.

I wasn’t too surprised by the result (above) I seem to be about where Mohandas Gandhi is, so fairly leftish with a tad of the libertarian, which is about how I voted. Phew, just as well because I’ve already posted my ballot paper.

But mention of Gandhi leads me to the D-day commemorations which I’ve avoided so far. My favourite uncle was a para and was one of those who landed at Ranville to take the Pegasus Bridge and was badly wounded several days later. The Gandhi link? Well when he was at school, his older brother had the same round glasses favoured by the Indian statesman, so the two were known as “Gandhi” (pronounced gan-die in a pre-war northern accent) and “Gandhi’s brother”

Perhaps more D-day stuff to follow.

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