A Figo of the Player he once was

One of the things I was looking forward to was watching Luis Figo, a great player — skill beyond belief — and the opening match against Greece must be his perfect stage. Except it wasn’t.

Portugal crashed 2-1 against Greece, and the latter deserved their win, taking the game to the Portuguese who seemed to expect a sterile, cagey match, to be met with some very direct, attacking play and doughty defence.

But Luis was a disappointment. He contributed very little until late in the game when he was given free-rein. I really, really hoped to see some magic, then his bottom lip came out and he didn’t achieve his potential. Completely anonymous.

The same cannot be said of Christiano Ronaldo, who came on at half-time, but on the left — not his best position — when he should either play on the right, or be given the freedom to roam. Whatever, he gave away a penalty (through being wrongly positioned on the left) and scored a late goal.

I do feel for the poor Portuguese fans. I think only Holland, a home team, have lost their first game and have gone on to win it. The final game with Spain could be really fruity!

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