No Brainer

What is the worst pain? Childbirth? Gout? Kidney stones? No, it’s the hangover as far as I’m concerned. That moment when you wake in the morning, hazy recollections of the drink from the previous night, and you know, know for certain, that the moment you open your eyes a power drill will enter one temple and exit the other. So it was this morning.

We have great neighbours and yesterday it was their son’s 18th birthday. We popped round, not expecting to stay long, and now I can’t remember exactly what time we left. A few G&Ts; and a couple of cans of Grolsch and a bright and sunny morning isn’t quite such a tempting prospect. My only consolation is that Mrs Parrot feels even worse than I do.

And this with a mega sports watch day ahead — the fourth day of England vs New Zealand in the third test with Harmison bowling well; Roddick vs Grosjean at Queens; F1 cars at the Canadian Grand Prix; Switzerland vs Croatia at Euro 2004; and then the big one — England vs France in the same competition.

With that to look forward to, tomorrow has the potential to see the country’s greatest mass sickie!

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