We Woz Robbed

The flag of St George in our garden was hanging limp and forlorn this morning, not surprising after the way England lost to France last night, reminiscent of the way Man U scored two very late goals to beat Bayern in 1999.

The joke then was: Why do women love German footballers? — Because they can stay on top for 90 minutes and still come second. The same could be said of the English team, except it sounds even less funny now than it did then. We absolutely dominated the game, the French hardly having a shot on goal; the midfield was solid, and Thiery Henry anonymous. Our only problem was the one-trick pony, Michael Owen.

Even now I can’t believe we lost — I awoke this morning thinking, “That didn’t happen, did it? Nah, I must have been dreaming” — but I’ve got the (otherwise) brilliant BBC’s virtual replay to relive the moment. Sigh.

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