What was I Saying?

Longest day? Longest night more like. England vs Croatia Euro 2004 and all we need is a draw to get into the quarter-finals. Croatia take the lead with a soft goal (usual poor marking at a set-piece) and then in the last five minutes, a super header from Paul Scholes and then an unbelievable goal by the much hyped Wayne Rooney.

I’m writing this at the said break in play. Mrs Parrot sticks by her 3-1 prediction. Me, I’m mopping sweat from my brow. 45 minutes to go, and I’m hoarse already.

I’ll pick up later, but I have to say that the BBC tv commentary team has talked utter crap so far — that England haven’t got the tempo or control of the game. Bollocks! We bossed the game.

So I’ll take a break to chew my nails for another 45 — wish us luck.


Back again and in good heart Croatia managed another goal, but we managed two more, another one from Rooney and the fourth by Lampard. Bring it on, Portugal.

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