Celebrity Stars In Our Eyes

How daft are we to be taken in by celebrity endorsements? I mean, we don’t actually believe they do this because they believe in the virtues of the product, rather than the money they are paid to do it. And it must surely add to the price we have to pay.

Take David Beckham, for example — he is reported to be paid £2 million a year to promote Vodafone on tv ads. Ironically, it was reported in today’s Mail on Sunday that he stands to lose the deal over the sexy texts sent to him Rebecca Loos during their alleged affair. Not quite what Vodafone had in mind as a product endorsement. Mind you, since she was his PA with access to his mobile, I still think she sent the messages herself.

But what got me thinking about this was a newspaper ad yesterday in which we are invited to purchase a high pressure steam cleaner on the recommendation of Sue Pollard. Pardon? What strange twist of marketing logic connected the two? Okay, she played the cleaner in Hi De Hi, but that was over twenty years ago — the world has moved on, Sue does panto and nothing much else high-profile, so why should I be convinced by her “Brilliantly simple, simply brilliant” strapline?

Interestingly, yesterday’s ad proclaimed the ‘new low price — only £24.95 + p&p;’ whereas the web version is only £19.95. Presumably the other fiver goes to Sue for services rendered.

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