Capital Idea?

They’re an odd lot in London. For a start, most of them aren’t Londoners, just people who have gravitated to the city from other parts of the UK and beyond — it’s rapidly becoming a sort of people black hole, sucking the life out of the rest of the country. Okay, so there’s money to be made for the fortunate few, but the majority are doing ordinary jobs for ordinary wages surrounded by an extraordinary cost of living.

And all those extra people mean extra cars. London has without doubt the best public transport system in the country — not surprising given the billions ploughed into it — and yet the place has become so clogged up with cars that they’ve had to introduce congestion charging to dissuade ordinary people from using the roads in the capital, so they are less crowded for the fortunate rich.

It’s worked, of course, with a 40% reduction in cars cruising the capital, although I think the mayor, Ken Livingstone, would rather have had the traffic stay pretty much the same as an income raiser. So why then today does the same motor, congestion-hating Ken came up with his latest plan to promote the city — by holding an F1 race in London.

So let’s run by that again: London is a city with too many cars and the best way to persuade people out of their cars is to… race cars around the streets. Hoopy thinking, Ken.

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