Cold Calling

One of life’s more irksome irritants is the unsolicited phone call. From “you have won a luxury holiday,” to “we can save you thousands if you agree to being a show house,” and, of course, the all time favourite, “I’m not trying to sell you anything.” Stock reply 47 — then your company will go out of business?” or Mrs Parrot’s preference, “In that case, can I interest you in some double-glazing?”

It’s not just the time they take up, but it’s the timing as well — always as you’re about to feed the kids, start a meal or as Corrie comes on the box. And it was only when I had a few days at home that I realised how many calls come during the day.

Mrs Parrot is quite polite and sends them on their way with a smile in her voice — having worked in telesales herself many years ago, she has a degree of empathy with cold-callers. Me, I’m the grouchy type and just put the phone down.

Oh, and I forgot to mention the most irritating type of call of all — the silent handset. I’m told that this is because the call centres have automatic dial-up so they can screw the most out of the operators’ by saving them the bother of dialling you themselves. Trouble is, if you answer too quickly, there isn’t an operator to take your call.

Anyway, I’d had enough of this a while back and visited the Telephone Preference Service and it seems to have worked. Just register and in about a month the calls start to dry up. Brilliant. If only we could do the same with spam.

The picture above isn’t me, by the way, just one I picked up off the web, for anger management it said. I did find a neat animation at Opt-out UK that I would have used, but although I could get it working on my blog page, it kept embedding itself down the page which is a pity.

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