Deep Depression

I’m beginning to think that we won’t see another barbeque this year. The weather has been pretty depressing since May and I swear we have had more rain than we had during the winter.

But I’m not one of those doom and gloom merchants who puts this down to global warming and climate change. I’ve never been totally convinced. I once met a weather scientist (I know that should be meteorologist, but that’s not how he described himself) and he had access to satellites that took temperature readings from all over the globe thousands of times a day. While he said there were places that were warming up, these were balanced by other places cooling down and that there was no evidence to support major climate change.

Environmentalist David Bellamy said much the same thing in an article in the Daily Mail (PDF), although that publication is no guarantee of veracity as you’ll guess from previous entries. This caused a bit of a stir and led to such blog entries as “Has Bellamy Gone Mad” describing this champion of the natural world as a “former environmentalist.” Seems that challenging the conventional wisdom bars you from the club.

Not that I believe for a minute that Bellamy doesn’t have his own agenda — the main motivation behind his comments was to rubbish the environmental-friendliness of wind farms.

Be that as it may. The rain comes down. But at least I now know the real reason — it’s all down to the polar jet stream which is in the wrong place at moment, so that what we are having is average weather instead the excellent stuff.

Meanwhile, the barbie sits lonely on the lawn and if it isn’t used soon, the soothsayer’s predictions of death, war and famine could come true.

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