Arrows Survival

A mate of mine is into aircraft in a big way and though his main interest is in commercial airlines, we have been to a number of airshows if there was an opportunity to fly there and back on an old plane.

So it was that years ago we found ourselves at Brize Norton, having flown there from Liverpool on a Dakota DC3. It was a hot day and after trudging round for hours, we plonked ourselves down with our backs against the wall of an out-building, beers in hand, when I idly inquired when the Red Arrows were going to show up. At that very moment, there was this tremendous whooshing noise as RAs came in low over our heads.

Their aerobatics demonstration was fantastic, and though I’d seen them on the telly, that doesn’t really prepare you for the takes-your-breath away perfection of the real thing. And all down to trigonometry it seems.

So good news then that they look likely to survive the latest round of defence cuts, especially as this is their 40th anniversary next year. Now all I have to do is work out a good excuse to do a flypast for Mrs Parrot’s birthday.

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