Carrying the Can

Poor Hazel Blears seems to be carrying the can for putting the wind up people by telling them to stock up on Spam, other canned foods and bottles of water in case there’s a terrorist attack in the UK. Seems pretty sensible to me, given that terrorism has a section all to itself on the Home Office website, and surely all the preparations on the UK Resilience site can’t have been made just for the hell of it.

But the media have been having a whale of a time, interviewing the author of the WWII Spam Cookbook, discussing Spam recipes and reminiscing about wartime Britain and the privations thereof.

We in the Parrot household are ready anyway. We’ve got a cupboard full of tins. Trouble is, most of them contain lychees — we’re rather partial to a Chinese banquet at the weekend and every time you spend £20, you get a free canful of the stuff. Better make sure we have plenty of recipes to hand should the worst happen.

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