Nice Try

“Shit happens,” so the Aussies never cease to remind us. “Deal with it, get over it, move on.” Sentiments for the most part I’d go along with.

But there are some things that are hard to deal with, like terrorist attacks. We’ve lived them for years in the UK, thanks to the IRA. But getting city centres blown apart, like Manchester in ’96, is something you can deal with. In fact, the city centre is probably a better place because of it, even if it was a tad extreme piece of urban planning.

The next threat isn’t so simple or shortly-sharped shock — we looking at (or so we’re told) is bioterrorism, dirty bombs and people who don’t care whether they can head across the water as the IRA did.

So, as reported previously, the government is urging us to be prepared and is now issuing a leaflet to every household in the country to help us prepare. Brain surgery it isn’t, but given that most of us these days can’t get through the day without a cashpoint, the supermarket, takeaway, Sky tv, mobile etc, maybe they have a point.

Full marks though to student Thomas Scott who within days has the spoof alternative to the official website up and running. A reminder that sometimes you have to laugh.

Okay, so the site is not side-splittingly funny. Nice try though. Only wish I’d thought of it.

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