Bryson All Clear

You can come out now. I’ve finally finished A Short History of Nearly Everything, so no more extracts, just this observation: that the world of science isn’t as smart as it thinks it is. Despite how much we know, there is so much that we don’t know. Not even how we, as a species, came to be here.

And how useless we are at looking after life on this planet. Seems we are both the summit of evolution (so far) and also the biggest threat to its continuance.

I really can’t recommend this book highly enough.

I also managed to finish Shockwave’s game, Zuma. Okay, so I cheated by altering the game code to slow down the higher levels, but ironic that the very last level took my frog to the stars. Ironic, given the above.

Meanwhile, away from Planet Parrot, the Manchester Evening News had a great story tonight how one of those Nigerian spam scam operators was made to look like a complete prat.

A local bloke set up a website to lure in the spammers. He turned the tables on one Prince Joe Ebob by answering his offer of a share in the £13 billion surplus government funds by posing as Father Hector Barnett of a sect called the Church of the Holy Order of the Painted Breast.

Not only did he prise £50 out of the scammer, plus £25 delivery, he also got Prince Joe to pose for the camera with a painted breast.

Nice one Mike, whoever you are.

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