No entries over the weekend because the UK is in the grip of a heatwave and frankly doing anything became a bit of a chore. Actually ‘heatwave’ is probably too strong a word to use — it rather implies a duration of more than two days which is all we had before the rain returned. Okay, so it’s still muggy, but nowhere near as bad as Sunday.

‘Heatwave’ also suggests extreme high temperature and most of the rest of the world wouldn’t necessarily regard the high twenty degrees C as being particularly hot. The problem has been the heat after the rain that has made for a pretty oppressive atmosphere.

I suppose this confirms the outsiders view that us Brits are obsessed by the weather. But that’s the point — the rest of the world has a climate, but we have weather!

But all shall be well because the government has issued ten top tips on how to survive hot weather. Meself, I would have thought it easier to tell people to do the reverse of their wrap and keep warm winter campaign — ie strip off and keep cool.

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