Olympic Ideal

The thing about the Olympics is that once every four years we can become passionately interested in sports and athletes that we couldn’t otherwise be bothered about, indeed sports that we didn’t know existed, videlicet:

Synchronised divingLeon Taylor and Peter Waterfield

SwimmingJames Goddard and Stephen Parry

ArcheryAlison Williamson

BadmintonNathan Robertson and Gail Emms

Three Day Eventing — Pippa Funnell, Leslie Haw and Team GB

CanoeingHelen Reeves

Sailing — Ben Ainslie and Co

JudoWinston Gordon

And this is just the first week. I even got excited at the prospect of the Greek basketball team beating the US, but it didn’t happen. Shadenfreude missed, although not in the tennis where the professional prima donnas have been falling like flies. Also not sure about my own emotions that wish, “knock that fence,” “miss that smash,” “hit less than an eight,” “overspin and land on your back.” Not very sporting, eh?

But for sheer gloating, how about the French lad Nicholas — starting in gold position, he made a complete Horlicks of the final show-jump off and threw Leslie into gold position — we hope. Bloody hell!

Hey ho, there are a few days left before I have to get back to work, time enough to enjoy badminton, sailing and rowing finals to shout and be passionate about!

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