I finally succumbed yesterday and bought the Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. Not that I have anything against blockbusters and must-read bestsellers — a few years ago I would have read it in hardback a week after it was published — it’s just that I haven’t had much time for reading lately.

What usually happens is that I buy a book I want to read by an author I like, read a few chapters, then don’t pick it up again for weeks by which time I’ve forgotten what was going on and have to start again, or least go back a chapter or two. Eventually I give up and put it on the shelf with all those other books “I will read one day.”

Okay, so I did plough my way manfully through A Short History of Nearly Everything recently, but that was different. To start with, Bill Bryson is always a joy to read, but mostly because it was structured in discrete sections, so I could go back to it after a break without losing the flow.

But I’m determined to finish the DV Code. Apart from anything else, the plot is right up my street, a sinister conspiracy and all that. It’s right up there with the Illuminati’s plan to create a new world order. All I can say is that, judging by the state of the world today, as conspirators go, they’re a pretty incompetent lot.

The plot also reminds me of the excellent, if somewhat uncategorisable game called In Memoriam. That also involves a secret, centuries-old, Catholic group, Manos Domini.

The only potential error I’ve made is that I’m reading DV Code before Angels and Demons (it was buy one, get one half-price at WH Smith) so flashback references aren’t helpful, although they seem to have petered out now that I’m well over 100 pages in. With luck and perseverance, I should finish it by Sunday.

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