And Another Thing

I should also have said that the other thing occupying my time recently is the previously mentioned Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. True to my resolution (not often I say that) I finished it on Saturday, a day ahead of schedule.

There’s is no point in posting my thoughts on the plot etc — there are reviews on the web by the thousand and if you’re interested (including those of a threatened church), you would have read them, if not the book.

The only observation I would make (that I haven’t seen elsewhere) is that it is the literary equivalent of ‘24.’ All happens in a very short space of time, and yet the heroes never show much by way of tiredness or fatigue. Me, I’d be asleep and dribbling over the puzzles!

I did wonder how it was going to finish and I don’t want to spoil for any of the few who haven’t read it, but the ending satisfied all camps for me.

Angels and Demons seems to be following the same formula.

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