Life is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

I haven’t been very regular with my postings of late. Not surprising given the the amount of sport on tv, especially with the Olympics events televised at all hours of the day. But now they’re over so hopefully more attention can be paid to my blog.

Still on the subject though, the Daily Mail got its knickers well and truly knotted today because it said that EU leaders were claiming this was a great victory for Europe with a combined total of 286 medals compared with 103 for the US, and that from Beijing onwards, our athletes would compete under both the UK and EU flag.

I’m not sure whether that medal tally is totally correct as it could include events where European athletes were competing against each other, but I have often wondered how Europe would compare against the US, China etc if we took part as a single geographical area. Chances are we would romp home.

Not that I think this would be a good idea — I’d much rather cheer on a British competitor that I’d never heard than one from Belgium, Bulgaria or wherever who was equally unknown to me. How true the story was, I’m not sure. I certainly couldn’t find any trace of it on the Daily Mail website which looks suspiciously like, “Okay, we made it up,” to me, hence no link.

On a more parochial not (can you get more parochial than the Daily Mail?) Mrs Parrot and I had our first trip of the season to Old Trafford yesterday, and how we wished we hadn’t. Apart from the terrible match against Everton (Mrs P wishing she’d brought her book in the first half), the traffic after the game was gridlocked and it took us the best part of two hours to get home, rather the usual thirty minutes.

The one bright point of the day was that in one of those great coincidences of sport, Man U were in the process of signing Everton’s wunderkind, Wayne Rooney, even as the game took place, so the barracking of the visiting fans was inevitably put down with, “ROO-NEY! ROO-NEY!” Hardly ironic, but satisfying nonetheless.

But 25 million quid for potential, rather than proven talent? I’m not too sure, but Sir Alex usually knows best, although the likes of Bellion, Fletcher, Forlan et al do raise the odd eyebrow.

On a sadder note, the treatment of another knighted football manager, Sir Bobby Robson, by Newcastle was pretty shabby. To undermine him by letting it be known that they wouldn’t renew his contract after this season was bad enough, but to sack him four games in seems madness of a different order. Time will tell, but part of me wills failure upon Alan Shearer, and not now for the usual reasons of club rivalry.

Nobody’s prefect. If you find any spelling mistakes or other errors in this post, please let me know by highlighting the text and pressing Ctrl+Enter.

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