Silly and Serious

Two stories this week illustrate the wonder of accidental history and the horror of man’s alternative.

First up, the rabbit of Devizes’ Cricket Club. members of said club decided to build a bonfire of various useless stuff, piled it up and lit it. Moments later, a rabbit appeared, its arse-end on fire and ran for cover under the nearest hut.

Which contained £60,000 worth of tractors and other ground-maintaining equipment. That leaked oil and petrol. Yep, the whole lot went up in flames. Why this story appeared on a Chipping-Sodbury website, is anyone’s guess.

And then there was Beslan. That children could be killed in cold blood is both hard to understand and impossible to forgive. Regardless of what the Russian did to the Chetchens, or vice versa, what can explain this?

I run the risk of sounding religious, but death begets death. I only wish they had thought of that.

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