Yet another break in the blogging. Must blame sport this time — what a bloody great five days it has been! First Europe wipe the floor with the US in the Ryder Cup with Monty playing like the best player not to win a major that he is; then ManU beat old rivals Liverpool 2-1 both goals from Sylvestre; then England’s cricket team only go and trounce Australia in the Champions Trophy, their first ODI win against Oz for five years. Extended weekends don’t get much better.

And then last night there was the first in the new series of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Actually, ‘new series’ isn’t probably the best way to describe it — rather Radio 4 finally getting round to finishing what it started.

I remember stumbling across H2G2 by accident. It was the late 70s and I was working for a PR firm that had several brewery accounts which saw me out and about quite a lot in the evening. It was late on a dark night in Yorkshire, I was trying to get home and pretty lost. Radio 4 was on in the car and ‘that’ music started. Half-an-hour later I was hooked.

The magic is that all these years later, I gave my son my tape of the first episodes and the script book and he’s hooked too.

The first episdode of the tertiary series was no disappointment. I had it on in the car today and am on my second listening. Fab.

It’s so sad to think there will be no more, Douglas Adams having died in 1998, ironically in a gym. His was a massive talent that achieved great things, but probably not as much as it truly should have which is the fate of those whose ideas and take on life are beyond the formulaistic.

But I’m looking forward to another 11 episodes! And for all those who want to contribute, there’s H2G2.

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