Roo’s a lucky boy

I’m looking forward to watching ManU play Fenerbahce in their first match proper of the Champions’ League. And the reason? Well it looks as if we’ll get our first chance to see the wunderkind Wayne Rooney in a red shirt after his transfer from Everton in the summer.

I must say I had my doubts about the move. £27 million is a lot of money to lash out on any player, let alone one who is just 18 and still learning his trade. Of course, the omens look good with the way he played for England in the European Championship in July, but one mazy dribble does not a Pele make.

I hope my fears prove to be unfounded. Meanwhile, I’ll be switching on the tv at 7.45 tonight. But please let him start the match Sir Alex because I will be spending most of the second half ferrying Parrot junior about for his karate class!

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