How wrong can you be

For once I’m happy to admit that I was completely in the wrong in questioning ManU’s signing of Wayne Rooney. The lad’s a football genius! I had to ask myself if I’d dreamt the match last night, the Reds stuffing Turkey 6-2 as they walloped Fenerbahce at Old Trafford.

I’m not old enough to have seen Duncan Edwards play other than on old b/w news footage, but it strikes me that he and the Roon are very similar players — big, but quick, strong, but agile and can strike with both feet. Bloody marvelous!

There’s a story doing the rounds in Manchester that when ManU opened negotiations for the lad’s transfer, Goodison chairman and theatrical impresario Bill Kenwright is said to have opened the discussion on the fee by saying he would ask his mum how much she though Rooney was worth.

He came back to the table and said that his mum thought the teenager was worth his weight in gold. United’s CE, David Gill left the room, checks the price of gold and Rooney’s weight, then went back in saying, “By your mum’s reckoning, Wayne is worth £15 million. We’ll give you that!”

In the end, he cost nearly twice that, but on the evidence of last night’s performance he could be worth every penny.

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