Sorry Seems to be the Easiest Word

Following Friday’s post, poor Boris Johnson has been consigned to Liverpool to apologise for his ‘insensitivity’ in the Spectator leader last week.(Couldn’t get on his website today — must be the traffic. See Boriswatch blog instead.)

This cult of apology is becoming a bit of a worry. “Sorry” is the most disarming word in the language, but it is rapidily becoming devalued by overuse, particularly by politicians.

And why apologise for what are presumably sincerely held views?

I’m with Derek Hatton on this one — a simple apology for the factual inaccuracies about Hillsborough and then move on. Trooping into the lion’s den only panders to the very mawkishness Boris was complaining about.

If I were a Liverpudlian, I’d be squirming with embarrassment.

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