Tunnel of Love

Seems there was a humdinger of a row in the tunnel after the Man U/Arsenal game yesterday with Alex Ferguson ending up with soup thrown over his shirt by an unnamed opposition players.

I wondered why he’d switched from suit to tracksuit top for the post match interviews.

Begs three questions — what on earth are professional footballers doing with cups of soup at the end of a game? Who was cock-a-hoop and who was cock-a-leekie? And was the soup in question Campbell’s (Sol) or Heinze’s (Gabriel)?

Whatever, it was a cracking match, one of those written in the stars encounters with Arsenal look to complete fifty games unbeaten and having to do so against their fiercest rivals.

But despite saying they would be on their best behaviour, Arsenal did a lot of bleating after the game. Yes, the Rooney penalty was marginal, but I don’t see how the referee, Mike Riley, couldn’t give from the view he had. Campbell stuck out a leg and Wayne went down, end of story.

And what’s more, he missed a cast iron penalty challenge by Cole on Ronaldo, so these things balance out.

Sorry Whinger Wenger, but you and your team are as graceless in defeat as they are in victory.

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