Fighting Talk

As part of their Digital Week, the BBC is experimenting on their website by making programmes available as mpeg files. The idea is that you can download and listen again on your MP3 player or on your PC, but why they chose Fighting Talk is anyone’s guess.

Not that I’ve anything against FT — I try to listen every week — although Mrs Parrot tells me that this “Sony Gold award winner Christian O’Connell, acts as ringmaster — or referee — over a panel of experts from around the world trying to stick their oar in and put their spin on events” show is more for the lads than the lasses.

I think it’s a great idea, but only if they can give me a way of getting shows on to CD. Sad confession time — I’m hooked on the Archers. I tape the omnibus edition every week to listen to in the car to and from work. Which means that for several cars’ time, I’ve had to ask the dealer to take out the radio/CD to replace it with a radio/tape. Told you it was sad.

With the Archers on CD, I’d be home free. And I could listen some of my music too. But my ancient collection of tapes will have gone for a Burton.

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