They Think It’s All Over

Barring miracles, George W can start choosing the wallpaper for a White House makeover, while John Kerry can go back to doing whatever it was he did for a living before he deluded himself that the US is essentially liberal at heart.

It all rests on the state of Ohio apparently. There has been a lot of sneering in the UK media about that country’s complicated college vote electoral system, but it doesn’t seem any worse than ours where it is the number of constituencies you win that gets you into No. 10 and not the popular vote.

So how has George done it? The huge turnout of voters was taken as a sign that Kerry had it in the bag — see the Daily Ablution for example — and the exit polls apparently bore this out. The reality it seems is that the conservative vote had been equally galvanised to stand up and be counted.

No doubt there will be lots of social research to explain this phenomenon, but my personal theory is that Michael Moore is to blame. Fahrenheit 9/11 may have confirmed many people’s existing view of the world, but I suspect that the film and his partisan campaigning also angered many others and motivated them to support Bush.

The Democrats are not liberals, at least not ones that a European would recognise, but even so, Kerry represented a threat to what is an essentially conservative and faith-driven country.

So well done Michael, an own goal of world-shaking proportions. But at least you made Moore Watch happy.

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  • Anonymous 3rd November 2004

    Okay, as far as electing Dubya goes, you are right about this country being taken over by right winged fundamentalists. These folks are out in the middle of nowhere, totally deluded and the church is the only place they can get together. Then you get a few angry fundies spewing hellfire and damnation against anything they don't understand, and you have a nation of lobotomized lemmings.
    Kerry is no prize, but he was definitely my choice. He is as bland as cream of wheat.
    So help us out, without Tony Blair, Bush loses all credibility, if he had any left. So throw the bum out and bring in someone who won't kow tow to Bush.
    There are a few liberals left, they are just outspent and outshouted by those who disagree with them.
    Studs Terkel, a good man, Michael Moore, a brave man, Al Franken, an angry man, Kevin Phillips wrote an excellent book exposing the Bush Dynasty, James Carroll of the Boston Globe and his articles on the unjust war, just to mention a few.
    It could be worse…Joe McCarthy could come back as an advisor to the idiot in chief


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