It is now!

I felt a little sorry for John Kerry last night as he made his concession speech. First he loses an election and then has to go on worldwide telly to declare Bush the winner. Public humiliation that is the thick end of enough if you ask me.

Mind you, he had at least succeeded in his boyhood ambition to get his name on the voting slip for the presidency of the United States. It will certainly look good on his cv as he returns to civvy street.

Have to say his skin was a funny colour. Don’t know if it was our tv but he looked like someone who had overdosed on carrot juice. Mrs Parrot thinks he looks like an Ent, one of those the sentient tree thingies in LotR. She’s got a point.

Meanwhile, much wailing and gnashing of teeth that Bush (who has the right name to be an Ent himself) has even more power than he had two days ago with the Republicans having a majority in the Senate and Congress.

But while we can console ourselves that it is for just four years (four more years!), the scary bit is that Bush will also be making the permanent appointments to the Supreme Court.

Presumably these will be fair-minded legal minds who will make damn sure we’ll have none of this unchristian, gay marriage, abortion, stem-cell research, Darwinism claptrap, not in the good ole US of A, for decades to come.

What was it Bevan said about fascism — the future refusing to be born? Very depressing, so to finish on lighter note, a short joke:

Knock, knock.

Who’s there?

John Kerry.

John Kerry who?

See, you’ve forgotten him already.

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