Unhealthy Obsession

I’m in danger of being accused of having an unhealthy obsession with all things American with this and recent posts. It isn’t true, honest. It’s just the way things work out sometimes.

The thing that caught my attention today was the news that the increasing weight of passengers on American airlines is costing the companies is costing them $275 million (£149 million) a year in fuel to lug the load.

America, it seems, is the only country where the average person is getting heavier by ten pounds over the last ten years, while at the same time being the only nation to be getting shorter as junk food bites.

After Tuesday, you do have to wonder whether burgers and fries is also affecting their political judgment. C’mon guys, eat your greens, go organic, walk to the mall now and then, and your planes will be less likely to drop out of the sky.

And you might have a Democrat as president.

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  • Anonymous 5th November 2004

    Don't blame our stupidity on fast foods. That is too easy. Even my cockatiel loves junk food.
    But give us some credit, I thought Kerry would win based on the fact more people hate Bush, than were unsure about Kerry.
    This was a stealth re election, no one got it right. Don't you think people may have been paid to vote?
    Or bribed some other way? Maybe getting into heaven instead of hell, was an option. This was a one issue vote, anti-gay marriage, for many in the south and the bible belt.
    I know many ugly Americans, I understand why we are hated in general. But I am an old folkie, Vietnam war protester, enviromentalist, and I care about the world. I want my children to live in a safe and healthy enviroment. And they do too,
    WE are not all bad, just one persons opinion.

  • Shooting Parrots 6th November 2004

    Tongue was in cheek. There are always exceptions that disprove the rule, just as 55 million people didn't want Bush to win.


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