It could be you

It’s the tenth anniversary of the National Lottery today and to ‘celebrate’ they are allowing free entry to all those things it has paid for with our money over the years. Gosh, thanks.

Setting aside the arguments about which projects are worthy and which aren’t, the most interesting thing about the whole enterprise is that people still think that ‘it could be them’ given the odds of hitting the jackpot are fourteen million to one, but I suppose it has to be someone!

Radio Five Live invited people to share their methods for choosing their winning numbers this morning. One bloke explained that his was to pick three ‘hot’ numbers, two of them consecutive, and three random numbers. It worked as he won £5 million, but only after spending £60 twice a week for the last ten years — ie £62,400.

My favourite method is that of the much-missed Willie Ruston — since none of the numbers you choose ever come up, pick six and discard and so on until there are just six left. Ipso facto, this must be the winning line!

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