Nil bloody nil

ManU don’t do nil-nil. Correction, ManU didn’t do nil-nil, that is until me and Mrs Parrot last visited the Theatre of Dreams to see the first nil-nil for about three years, against Everton.

Then they go and do it again. And against Man City. I’m not quite sure how. In the first ten minutes we had two decent penalty shouts and two goal-line clearances, albeit pretty inspired ones.

That set the tone for what has to be the most one-sided 0-0s I’ve ever witnessed. But at least Paula Radcliffe won the New York Marathon. And Newcastle got stuffed 4-1 by Fulham.

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  • Mosher 9th November 2004

    Pah. You're only glad we got stuffed cos we'd have gone several places about you if we hadn't. Sunday was the first time *ever* I have left my seat at any game *ever* before the final whistle went. I didn't even see Beller's consolation.


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