Tied to the Mast

That perennial media health scare story has raised its head again — mobile phone masts near schools and other places children might gather. Apparently one in ten schools in the UK has a mast close by (2,350 according to the report) and ALL schools in London have a mast sited within 200 metres.

The fact that the WHO have found that electromagnetic fields have no known adverse effects on health, nor the BMA,nor the Department of Health, nor umpteen other studies at home and abroad, that doesn’t stop people like Mast Sanity getting hot under the collar about them.

Putting aside the alleged potential harm they might cause, there is a basic contradiction in the argument against them, such as the woman who thought it was totally unacceptable to have a mast near her child’s school — mobile phones need masts, without them they just don’t work.

And there’s the rub — children want mobile phones. We want them to want mobile phones because it gives us the illusion that they are somehow safer because of them. You only have to go past any school at break time to see every other child with one clamped to their ear, while the other half are texting each other.

The entire country is pulsing with electromagnetic radiation because that is what people want and what makes the telecommunications industry rich. Only in largely uninhabited places can you avoid it, and then only because there are too few people to make it profitable for the phone companies to erect masts.

Like death and taxes, we are stuck with the mobile phone. And inevitably that means we’re stuck with the masts too.

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