Life’s Little Irritants No. 1

Why do some people when they get the busy tone when they call you then ring your mobile?

“Oh, hang on a minute, my mobile’s ringing. Hello? Sorry, can I call you back. I’m on the other phone. Okay? Bye.

“Sorry about that. Why do some people when they get the busy tone when they call you then ring your mobile?”

See what I mean. Pointless.

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  • Mosher 13th November 2004

    I've lived in this house for 4 years. Every year, around the same time, some old guy rings me up and asks for "June". Nobody called June has ever lived here – the house only had one previous owner.

    Thing is, within a second of explaining he has a wrong number and putting the phone down it *always* rings again. And it's him. Again.

    Now, he's not had time to dial again, let along check the number and redial. He must be hitting "Redial Last Number" on his phone in the vain hope it'll self-correct the mistake it just made. So while I agree with your point, I think this guy's actions are even *more* pointless. And he rings 3-4 times as well.

  • Shooting Parrots 14th November 2004

    There is a car mechanic with same name as me living in the same area. I used to get loads of calls for him because he was ex-directory and I wasn't.

    The thing was that no matter how much I told them I wasn't a car mechanic, not the same person, they wouldn't believe me. In the end, I got hold of his phone number so I could pass it on.


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