Life’s Little Irritants No. 2

One of my more trivial pleasures is the odd Polo, the mint with the less fattening centre. You can see that I’m easy to please, but an innocent pack of Polos also has it within itself to really tick me off.

The first irritant is when I open a fresh pack and find that the mints are broken. This is usually signalled by lots of white bits of Polo cascading on to the floor. And what good are bits? Part of the fun is to see how long you can keep the mint whole for goodness sake.

The second irritant is more a packaging fault. Every now and then you get a pack where the outer paper wrapping splits. You can try and keep the Polos together with the foil, but sooner rather than later you’ve got a pocketful of loose mints and fluff.

Now the worst case scenario — both of the above. Sorry, I really can’t go there.

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  • Mosher 18th November 2004

    I just think the whole foil/paper thing is a nightmare. You get so far down and you can't tear the foil as it's jammed under the paper. Then the glue comes unfastened.

    Mind, it's still better to have loose mint Polos in your pocket as they don't go sticky very easily. Fruit Polos on the other hand – the old boiled ones – are positively evil.

  • Shooting Parrots 18th November 2004

    I quite like Polo fruits meself. But then I was brought up with the roof of my mouth shredded by pineapple chunks and pear drops!

  • Mosher 19th November 2004

    Oh, the sweets themselves are (were?) lovely. There's just the small matter that they either stuck together better than Araldite or shattered into glass-like shards and pierced the roof of your mouth and gums.

    The new, fizzy-ish fruit ones are novel but don't taste as good.

    As for mouth-destroying, dig out some old sour pips. A friend got me some the other week from an "Olde Sweet" shop. After 1/3 of the bag, I couldn't taste anything on the front part of my tongue. Took 2 days to get any sensation other than pain back.


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