Grin and Bear It

The signs are there that winter is just around the corner. This morning I had to sit in my car with the engine running for five minutes to de-ice the windows after the first heavy frost, and then come lunchtime I’m accosted on the street by people in ‘funny’ costumes and day-glo wigs demanding money with menaces.

It’s Children in Need time again. An opportunity for anyone to act as daft as they like with the excuse that it’s all in a good cause. (Isn’t there something a bit sus about a grown man wanting to dress as Pudsey the Bear?)

They’ve been at this for 25 years now which does beg the question, why are the children still in need? We’re meant to have the lowest unemployment and the strongest economy for years, and yet we’re told that there are three million kids living in poverty. But I suppose poverty is a relative term that shifts over time. Certainly our poverty is nothing like that experienced by kids in Africa.

Not that I begrudge the money. There’s already three quid of mine rattling in the collecting tins and no doubt there will be more forthcoming once Terry Wogan has finished pulling on our heart-strings tonight. And they do achieve a lot of good.

I just wish they’d ditch the bear suits. Or at least fix its dodgy eye.

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  • Mosher 19th November 2004

    I'd like to volunteer to help them save some money. They spent £35k on helping kids who've been bullied. I would be prepared, for no fee, to kick the crap out of the bullies, steal their lunch money and donate it to the charity while they cry in a gutter.

    Don't get me wrong – great cause, and I'm all for it. I just think something a little pro-active would help, too. And I was bullied when I was a kid. Look how I turned out. The world needs to be made safer by preventing this happening again.

    Can I make a donation by PayPal?

    *goes in search for a PayPal button on the Children in Need site*

  • Anonymous 19th November 2004

    Positive action, as I live and breath.

    Having been neither been a bully or bullied, I've obviously been denied my human rights. Either that or I never existed at all!

  • Shooting Parrots 19th November 2004

    Would you trust him with your kids? Thought not.


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