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Mrs Parrots is under the weather at the moment. A cold followed by a sinus infection and a course of antibiotics. Not that I’m being asked to be a ministering angel — tea and sympathy is about my mark.

But it does mean that we and young Miss Parrot have to do nothing but sit and watch tv together, which is quite lucky (every cloud and all that) because Corrie has three episodes tonight, with another two on Wednesday. It is Mad Maya’s Revenge (dum-de-dum-dum-DUM.)

It isn’t on that score I write, just a detail within the storyline. Janice Battersby is now shown in every scene punctuating her lines by blatantly texting on her mobile. Why? Everyone she knows in the world is within shouting/ignoring/ear-clipping distance.

So who is the mysterious text recipient? Must be the new mobile technology, the Doris Stokes option, and the text is to Dennis Stringer, R.I.P. (If you’re not a Corrie fan, well there’s no hope for you.)

Meanwhile, Mrs Parrot has got a second wind. Can we move large (v. large) computer desk from the bedroom of Miss P to that of Master P?

Bloody Nora!

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  • Jennyta 29th November 2004

    Wonderful! Another Corrie fan! Whilst I do get to watch it – usually – my TV diet mostly consists of Scrapheap Challenge, American Choppers and the like. You can tell who wields the remote in our house!! 🙂


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