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I’ve never understood why being proud of your country and what it has achieved should equate to being politically incorrect at best or as a bigot at worst. We have a rich and stormy history behind us and while some of it was violent, misguided and oppressive, lots more of what England has done has contributed greatly to the world we now live in.

But kids know very little of this. Historical events are either air-brushed from the curriculum or they are presented in a judgmental manner, applying the mores and value of today to another time, another place, another people.

One man who also takes this view is George Courtauld, a descendant of the Courtauld textile family. He was appalled at how little children new about their history and began jotting notes and quotes and things he thought his children should have knowledge of.

The result is the Pocket Book of Patriotism which he has published himself. “Essential words and deeds, dates and phrases, songs, speeches and commandments from Stonehenge to the present day in one simple book.”

I’ve haven’t read it, so this no recommendation, but it sounds like it’s worth a punt at £6.99. If I have one reservation, it’s his choice of dot com address — if he is so patriotic shouldn’t it be dot co.uk?

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  • Alfie 24th November 2004

    Good point on the domain name…….
    I once had an in depth discussion with my Welsh mate in a pub.
    He told me England had no culture – and hadn't contributed much to the world. So we each got a blank bit of paper and started listing composers, writers, inventors, enterrtainers, rock bands etc, etc. He was doing the Welsh list, I was doing the English.

    No contest really. I used half a forest worth of paper. And he was very surprised to learn that Tim Berners Lee, an Englishman had invented the World Wide Web and given it to the world – for nothing..

    He sort of admitted that his outlook may have influenced from his schooldays. He resolved not to hate English people quite so much in the future (although he reckoned he would still support Australia again if England met them in another R.U World Cup Final)…

  • Shooting Parrots 24th November 2004

    This is a pretty sad admission, but I don't think I've met too many Welsh people, apart from the odd caravan holiday on Anglesey. When I think 'Welshman' I come up with that Huw whatisname who reads the news and Anne Robinson, but her for all the wrong reasons.

    I hope the Pocket Book of Patriotism includes the Welsh, Scots and Irish because they did a lot of the empire building. The bloke who found Livingstone was Welsh wasn't he?

    I suppose your mate will be supporting Australia vs England this weekend. Well I will rise above this and will still support Wales at footie, as long as it is not against us.


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