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I don’t want to harp on about the death of our dog, Bingo, but it has raised an issue for us. Mrs P has taken it rather badly (she did walk him once or twice a day) and was hunting for some photos of him but found only a few.

We’ve used a digital camera for several years, a small Sony Cyber-shot plus its big brother when I’ve been able to borrow it from work. Great results and as I also have a Sony laptop, easy to transfer with the memory stick. But apart from printing a few shots on the old inkjet, mostly we look at them on screen.

Which isn’t the same as keeping a photo album. And the danger is that we end up with no photos of anyone.

So we’ve decided that we need to get one of those photo printers. I’ve looked online at the Sony and Epson options, but if anyone out there can make a personal recommendation, please let me know.

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  • Mosher 28th November 2004

    Slight tangent, but I'd suggest popping them onto a memory stick (the best resolution copies you have) and popping down to your nearest Jessops. They'll take them and put them on proper photo paper for a pretty decent fee.

    There are also several places online that'll do this for you at a variety of costs. Much cheaper than taking in a 36-exposure film and realising you only wanted 3 of the pics when you get them back.

    As for the doggy, I still miss my first one and he passed on almost 15 years ago. My mum actually caught my dad getting up at 6am one morning "to walk the dog". This was 6 months afterwards 🙁

  • Jennyta 29th November 2004

    Right, here's where I get into my 'selling' mode. The PhotoMate and the like are fine if you just want 4"x6" photos – PhotoMate is cheaper to run than the Kodak by the way, but what I would recommend is the Epson R300 – it has a memory card slot for your camera memory card so you can use it without the computer if you wish. Just print out the thumbnails and then key in the photos you want to print out. It also prints directly onto CD's (the ones with the matt white surface). They are walking out of our shop and we have a waiting list for the ones on our next order – we can't get enough of them. I am very sorry about your dog, by the way. My Lucy is a rescue dog and is about 13 now.

  • Shooting Parrots 29th November 2004

    Thanks Mosh. Trouble is that I was bad enough at remembering to take films in for developing, usually having to take five or six at a time which was expensive.

  • Pirate 29th November 2004

    Hello Shooting Parrots:
    I enjoy your blogging and have you bookmarked. So sorry to hear about your dog. I know how hard it is. We lost our German Shepherd this summer and immediately got another dog (a Belgian). Have a look at my blog at for stuff about my dog. I've had dogs all my life and it is really hard. As to the printer. We have a Epson Photo RX500 which we really , really like, but printing out endless numbers of digital photos is prohibitively expensive. The ink cartridges cost a small fortune. My advice is to email your photos to a local service which will print them out for you. Here in Calgary Canada, if I send in 100 photos, they're only 25 cents each (cheap, cheap). You have to prepay (well, we do here), but I think it absolutely the best way. Good luck!

  • Shooting Parrots 29th November 2004

    Thanks for the thoughts regarding Bingo. My dad has always had at least two alsations as show dogs, so I grew up in a home where dogs as pets was the norm. When Mrs P and I got together, a dog wasn't really an option as we both worked. It was only when Mrs P started her own business from home that we even contemplated the idea. I don't think she can do without one now as she and her sister really enjoy the walks, particularly at weekend when they do 12 to 15 miles over the moors.

    Thanks for the tip about the Epson RX500. We're lucky because the business pays for consumables, so that isn't so much of an issue. I think we'll go for the R300 as recommended by Jenny as we have several ordinary printers.

    Anyway, good luck with your Belgian. BTW what's he/she called?

  • Pirate 29th November 2004

    His name is Sam. Took him to the off-leash park this morning so he's conked at my feet now. He is the most amazing dog. I owned a Belgian once before, and I've owned several German Shepherds. Of the two, I think I prefer the Belgian, but you have to understand their mind to own one. They're not always the easiest dog to understand, and their breeding is of utmost importance. We won the lottery with our guy. Talk soon!

  • Shooting Parrots 29th November 2004

    We won the lottery twice over with Bing — an absolutely perfect dog. We said over the weekend that if everyone had a Bingo as a first dog, they'd go on and have more.

    Jack on the other hand is a bit of a handful. Another rescue dog, I chose him for his attitude. He was the one dog who looked back with a 'and your problem is?' expression in his eyes.

    This overgrown Jack Russell was hard work, but a complete doll these days. The effort was really worthwhile.

    I like the challenge of the rescue dog. Not that I have anything against the pedigree — I was brought up to see that as important — but I'd rather give a home to a dog with no other chance in life.

    Take care and a pat on the head for Sam from me and the Parrots.

  • Mosher 30th November 2004

    You're all nasty people and making me want to go out and get a dog! 🙂

    I grew up with a rough collie and a lovely bugger he was too. I was 2 when we got him so he got all the worst a small child could give and he took it all like a trooper.

    After he passed on, we got another collie a year or so later and she was never as confident as him. Quite shy and nervous. Then when I left home, my replacement was a schitzu. The second collie passed on a couple of years ago and Pippa is getting on now. Cute as a button, though.

    Sadly, living on my own and working full time I know there's no way I could take a dog on. The cat is enough responsibility and she's already housebroken and stuff. One day, though *sigh*. In my experience they're always worth it.


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