Sanity Clause

There is an article on the BBC website today about a psychiatrist who has concluded that Father Christmas helps children learn the difference between right and wrong. There’s no pulling the wool of their eyes is there? She does make one very good point though:

“The imagination which created Father Christmas is being destroyed by a society which holds rationality above anything else.

“Whenever anything goes wrong we hold an inquiry into it. We no longer seem to accept that bad things may happen in our lives.

“If Santa died, we would hold a serious incident inquiry and if we had any sense we should ask the Tooth Fairy to chair it.”

I think we too often underestimate the power of Father C and the faith that kids have in him. I have a niece who didn’t disbelieve until she was twelve, and then only because of a ‘rational’ school teacher.

She was in a lesson where they were discussing myths and legends and Father C was held up as a prime example. It came as a real shock to her and upset her more than a bit. Sometimes it is better to be faithful than rational.

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  • ECBlade 3rd December 2004

    You've made me feel very guilty with this one. I suspect an entry on my own blog will show up soon…*sigh*


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