Deck the Boughs

It’s December. Decision time. Do you buy a real Crimble tree, or drag out the old tinsel snagged artificial variety?

Personally, and from my youth, the live one was always best. At least until about three days in when the needles began to shed, and a night time trip for a pee became a minefield. (I swear, it was only the Blessed St Di who guided me from the path of needleness and into the cupboard under the stairs of ‘where the fuck am I’ ness.)

So real or artificial? When the chicks were young, we opted for the former, traditional and all that. But the idea of dragging a living thing to die before our eyes palled. So we got a potted tree, the idea being that you enjoy the tree, and it lives the rest of the year in the wild. It still died.

And then one year we went on our hols, arriving back with four days to Christmas. I was sent in search of a tree which led me to one of those Christmas shops that pop up here and there. Artificial trees were half-price and I bought a nine-foot special.

It has done us ever since and I wouldn’t see a real tree die in my living room again. Not that everyone agrees. Chuck a few snowballs in the Attack of the Mutant Trees if you support dead wood.

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  • Ginna 5th December 2004

    I usually go home for Christmas, so I never bought a tree of any kind before. But this year I was swayed by a cheesy fibre-optic lit artificial tree. It's already up, adding cheer to the living room. And it never needs water!


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