No Sweat

I was reminded of one of my misheard lyric moments today, how sometimes we hear the wrong words in a song. Like “then you come to me on a submarine” from the Bee Gees in How Deep is Your Love, or ‘scuse me, while I kiss this guy’ by Hendix in Purple Haze.

It happened as I waited for my morning caffeine fix. Like everywhere else, the Christmas muzak was burbling away in the background (not Noddy bloody Holder thankfully) and on came Walking in a Winter Wonderland. For years I thought it was the only song that made reference to sweating, until I mentioned this to Mrs P a while back and she put me right.

The line in question was “later on we’ll conspire as we sit by the fire” I can see you’re ahead of me. What I heard was “later on we’ll perspire etc.”  I still think my version is better.

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  • Roberta S 7th December 2004

    You got me that time.

    But in the end, I like your version better too. What kid or adult knows for certain the exact meaning of a stupid word like 'conspire'? And your version would make a lovely theme song for a deodorant commercial.

  • Shooting Parrots 7th December 2004

    Thanks Roberta,
    Too many people know the word 'conspire' and mostly they invent them these days. But I agree: if I was in front of a fire in winter, I'd much rather 'perspire' than 'conspire.' It has a comfy feel to it.


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