Seeing the Light

It used to be a bit of a novelty to see houses with lights and Christmas decorations on the outside as well the inside. The people who did this were generally regarded as harmless eccentrics, but the fad is growing at such an alarming rate, it is we ‘minimalists’ who are the odd ones out. So instead of labelling people as eccentric, we now have a new word — housebling.

One champion houseblinger is Vic Moszczynski. That’s his house above. This “average idiot” (his words, not mine) has been annoying his neighbours in upmarket Sonning, Berkshire, for years, but I read today that he has gone a step too far this year and incurred the wrath of the environmental health department.

The latest addition to the festive panorama is an eight-foot singing Santa and ten musical snowmen that belt out “Jingle Bells” and “We Wish You a Merry Christmas.” That really got up his posh neighbours’ noses, enough for the council to issue him with a gagging order or face a £5,000 fine.

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  • Mosher 11th December 2004

    I've got a great scheme. All the houses on my street start putting up tinsel, lights, wreathes and all that. Nobody on the scale of Arsebling or whatever he was called, mind (there are two outstanding ones near Morrisons in Boroughbridge, if you're passing by).

    Now everyone else's house looks all xmassy and lovely. Except mine. Mine looks dark an uninviting. Dull. It virtually yells "I don't do xmas" in a loud, echoey voice.

    Which also carries the message "I don't get any new stuff for xmas, there are no kids and therefore no shiny new XBoxes, PS2s, Beyblades, bikes or whatever for you to pinch". I don't know if it actually has any affect on my chances of being burgled but it can't hurt.

    And my elecrticity bill doesn't shoot up like the US national debt.

  • Mosher 11th December 2004

    Oh, and if you though you might be going over the top, check out this guy. You can even control his lights over the internet…

  • Shooting Parrots 12th December 2004

    That's not a bad theory Mosh. Our house looks pretty modest from the front (and inside come to that) and yet our neighbour who has a detached house, big garden, flash cars in the driveway etc has been broken into, or had an attempted break-in at least three times in the last year.

    Love that link by the way, although I couldn't quite work out how to 'control' the lights, presumably because it was day time. I'll try again later.

  • ginger_jesus 12th December 2004

    In the spirit of Christmas, let's name and shame these maniacs! Go to http://www.housebling.blogspot for more details.

  • Shooting Parrots 13th December 2004

    You forgot the .com, but otherwise an excellent link.


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