Losing Their Loaf

The locusts have landed. It’s the same every year — as we get towards Christmas the supermarket shelves start to empty. It started on Sunday when I went to get a few things including a Warburton Toastie loaf only to find the bakery shelves virtually empty.

I put this down to the lateness of my shopping trip (it was about 3.30pm, ie 90 minutes before the store closed) but when I called in on my way home from work last night I was met with the same sight — a completely empty bread shelf. I can only assume that there are freezers stuffed full of loaves out there.

Why do they do it? The shops only shut for about half an hour, if at all, these days. And how many sandwiches can you eat over Christmas?

One particular locust who did impress me was a bloke with his own personal Morrison’s assistant to help him and a large trolley three-quarters full of booze in various guises. As I went past, he was reading out his requirements from his (long) list.

“And.. er, twelve bottles of rum. Do you do that in litre bottles?”

I should have asked for an invite to the party.

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  • Mosher 14th December 2004

    My local Morrisons gets ridiculous. I tend to spend xmas alone as I'm a boring miserable bastard, hence my late shopping trips consist of the basics – milk, bread, Midget Gems (they're on 3 for 2 – the bastards, I can't say no), condoms and so on.

    Last year I got stuck in the queue from hell having foolishjly decided to use a trolley. The lady in front of me looked at what I had and between the two of us managed a lesson in logistics. We got the entire lot into two baskets so I could use the short queue. What a nice lass!

    Looking at the trolleys at the moment, I hope that people have large families visiting. Either that or my tax is going towards an awful lot of cirrhosis treatments on the NHS in a few years.

  • Shooting Parrots 15th December 2004

    I often see family groups each with a basket heading for the basket-only aisle, but hey, that's the system, so use it. Never seen it work with strangers though.

    But on the whole Morrison's has great service compared with the store's Safeway days.


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