Brush with Authority

BrushWe had our annual health and safety fire lecture this morning, mostly a video with helpful advice, such as if there is a fire, leave the building. It also resulted in the following email from me and my two colleagues:

Building Supervisor,

Following the fire lecture this morning, we are concerned that we are not properly equipped to deal with all emergencies. We were advised to use a brush to separate someone receiving an electric shock from the source, but we don’t have a brush. We only have a window pole and that might cause internal injuries if used too enthusiastically. Would it be possible to requisition a brush that could be mounted on the office wall in a glass-fronted case to be broken in an emergency?

Reply: “Ho Ho Ho – I can think of three far better locations to mount the brush!” S’pose we asked for that.

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  • Jennyta 15th December 2004

    Brilliant! I read this out to Keith, or tried to – needed several attempts as I was laughing so much.:)


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