I finally caught up with last week’s edition of I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue which was excellent as ever, especially the last of the rounds — Daily Mail Songbook. Couldn’t resist recording it here:

Graeme Garden:’ Daily Mail: You are the sunshine of my life — Ma’am.

Linda Smith: String ’em up before you go, go.

Barry Cryer: Please dont read the Guardian Maud.

Tim Brooke-Taylor: Who let the Frogs in?

GG: Hold it, fox-ban, gallup what a picture.

LS: Hanging on the telephone is too good for them frankly.

GG: You’re the one that I want — Ma’am.

TBT: Cherie, Cherie baby, why dont you stay out of sight.

GG: Gilly, gilly, Simon Hefer catching all the bogus asylum-seekers by the sea.

LS: Strangers in the night, feel free to shoot them.

GG: I can’t stop loving you — Ma’am

LS: Then theres that lovely Dusty Springfield number –Wishin’ an’  hangin’ an’ floggin’ an’ taggin’.’

BC: And the old Helen Shapiro number, — Walk-in Bath to happiness.

GG: Do aah didi dum didi do — Ma’am.

Hmm. Not quite as funny when read instead of heard, but good nonetheless.

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