Good day. I’m officially now ‘on leave’ until sometime mid-January because — a full three weeks I’ve been made to take off because I’ve too much holidays left. Probably won’t happen since things are afoot and I may well have to go back on 4 January.

But enough of that.

Two thoughts: the first, esoteric, after listening to a bit of seasonal music tonight. “Begotten, not created,” is the line from the carol. As in a ‘human prophet’, not a fictional idol. Isn’t that the same as Mohammed, Buddha etc? Aren’t they the same thing? What are we arguing about?

Second: a practical thought. If at this time you’re cooking and you have to slice an onion and it makes you weep. The cure? Take a wooden spoon and clamp it between your teeth as you slice. I promise you won’t cry.

You will probably drool on the prepared onion though, but then that’s your guests’ problem!

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