It’s a Sign

It all started when someone started seeing creatures in the sky. At night. As in “That’s a crab, and hey, there are two fishes. Wow! A lion and some scales.” Meaning that we ‘see’ things in the shapes that stars, clouds and even a piece of cheese on toast make in our imagination.

Ours is the above piccy of Christmas lights in our garden. (Click to make it bigger.) Me and Mrs P are arguing about its meaning. (Ignore the right-hand bit — those lights are on a different tree.)

I think it’s a ‘sign’ of southern Europe — there’s Spain on the left with Gibraltar at the bottom, a bit bigger than it should be and Italy in the middle not quite sticking its toe into the Med.

Mrs P argues that it’s Australia, albeit a mirror image with Tasmania on the left, not the right.

And it augers what? A holiday in Spain or one in Oz? It’s more likely to be Andalucia than the outback.

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  • ginger_jesus 20th December 2004

    I'd go with Mrs P, and if you look at it from a diametrically opposite position to where you are now, all will be reversed and Oz will be revealed. Merry Christmas!

  • Mosher 20th December 2004

    I think it looks like a dog (including the bit on the right). Cartoony, though. Big bum on the left, with the right being his head down, with his nose to the ground.

    I should get more sleep.


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