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RemovalsOne of our friends works for an estate agent, but apart from that she’s a really nice person. We were chatting at our party on Saturday and asked her about her Christmas break and she said she had to work at least some of the days between Christmas and New Year because the office was to open.

We thought this a bit pointless as who in their right mind would want to buy a new home or move house at this time of year? Quite a few it appears. She has one definite mover the day after Boxing Day, plus another two if they can get the paperwork sorted out in time. How bonkers is that?

To start with, a house move means living with lots of packed boxes for at least a week before. That will really contribute to the festive spirit. And what about Christmas dinner? They would have to make do with turkey sandwiches because the cooker will have been cleaned ahead of the move.

And all those prezzies will have to be played with for a day and then packed away in a crate. How’s that for bah humbug?

Still, takes all sorts I suppose.

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  • Mosher 21st December 2004

    Clean the cooker? Haha! OK, in fairness the people who had my house before me were great, but I await the tip that I'm sure will greet my housemate when she moves in two doors over. They're too lazy to shut the driveway gates – I somehow doubt they'll clean the oven.


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